Dr. Linda Caputi

Why the NCSBN’s CJMM Alone Cannot be Used to Teach Clinical Judgment

Is teaching nursing students clinical judgment as simple as asking questions that align with the 6 cognitive processes of the NCSBN’s Clinical Judgment Measurement Model? Is the goal to teach students how to answer NGN questions or to teach students clinical judgment for safe practice? Or both? What is the best way to prepare nursing students to think to achieve both goals? That is the question! This blog answers that question.

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The First Results of the Next Generation NCLEX® – Thoughts to Ponder

The NCLEX® pass rates for Quarter 2, 2023 represent the results of the first administration of the Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN). As expected, everyone interested in the effect of the NGN on pass rates was pleasantly surprised! It seemed unbelievable that a new exam can bring such stunningly positive results! For many schools currently experiencing …

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Resiliency and Clinical Judgment – What’s the connection?

With all the rhetoric about the need to learn clinical judgment focused on preparation for the Next Generation NCLEX, the many benefits of engaging in sound clinical judgment may not be appreciated. Consider this scenario: A nursing faculty approaches a student in the clinical setting. The student does not look well, so the faculty asks, …

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