Consulting Services

I have provided consulting services for over a thousand nursing schools. These services include:

  • Workshops that present a specific topic and engage faculty in discussing how that topic can be applied to their specific program.
  • Consulting Services that address a wide array of topics. Consulting consists of a review of nursing program documents to determine program needs with a specific focus in mind. Dr. Caputi then develops a report that reflects her understanding of the findings and develops a plan of action for moving forward. Examples include:
    • Revising curriculum to institute a plan to teach students clinical judgment in preparation for the Next Generation NCLEX
    • Developing an individualized approach for improving NCLEX pass rates and/or for improving graduation rates
    • Determining curriculum components to address when revising a curriculum ensuring the new program is current, internally consistent, and compliant with all state regulatory guidelines and nursing accreditation requirements
    • Transitioning a program to a concept-based curriculum
    • Developing a new nursing program from the ground up

This page lists topics that can be addressed either with consulting services or a virtual workshop. Consulting fees vary depending on your needs so please contact me for a discussion about how I can help!

Next Generation NCLEX (NGN)

This topic can be addressed either with consulting services to determine if your program is ready for the Next Gen NCLEX or with an online workshop to help faculty learn how to teach clinical judgment to prepare students to take the Next Gen NCLEX. This work focuses on using the Caputi Clinical Judgment Framework to actually teach clinical judgment. Students must first learn clinical judgment before they can use it to answer NGN questions. This is the biggest missing link in helping students learn to think and must be addressed to achieve sustainable NCLEX pass rates at levels that meet accreditation and state requirements.

Increasing NCLEX Pass Rates

This topic can be addressed either with consulting services to determine areas of need for increasing NCLEX pass rates, or with a virtual workshop to share ideas about how to increase NCLEX pass rates. This topic also includes an overview of how to map nursing program content to the detailed NCLEX test plan in a new and different way that actually works for both faculty AND students!

Increasing Graduation Rates

This topic also can be addressed either with consulting services to determine areas of need for improving graduation rates, or with a virtual workshop to share ideas about how to increase graduation rates.

Curriculum Revision

This topic also can be addressed either with consulting services to help faculty revise an existing curriculum, or with a virtual workshop to talk about the curriculum revision process. Dr. Caputi has helped hundreds of nursing schools transform an existing curriculum into a dynamic, current, and successful nursing program.

With either of these options, Dr. Caputi shares her Curriculum Revision Toolkit that walks faculty step-by-step through the curriculum revision process. With the Toolkit all faculty are “on the same page” and work together to revise the curriculum.

New Curriculum Development

Are you thinking of opening a new nursing program? Dr. Caputi can help. Dr. Caputi has developed nursing curricula for LPN/VN, ADN, RN-to-BSN, LPN-to-BSN, BSN, and Masters in Nursing Education programs. Consulting services focus primarily on developing a complete program plan of study (all nursing and support courses) and curriculum development (designing all nursing courses), but you may also opt to have Dr. Caputi help you develop all the ancillary materials such as a nursing student handbook, nursing faculty handbook, program policies, admission criteria, putting together the nursing skills lab, and other related materials. Need simulation? Dr. Caputi works closely with a simulation expert who can help with all your simulation needs. Dr. Caputi can also serve as the liaison between the nursing program and the state board of nursing or other regulatory body until the nursing program administrator is placed.

Concept-based Curriculum

This topic also can be addressed either with consulting services to help faculty create a concept-based curriculum, or with a virtual workshop to share ideas about what a concept-based curriculum actually is and how to develop one. Dr. Caputi first engages faculty in a stimulating discussion about why use a concept-based curriculum and how the graduate will be different at the end of a concept-based curriculum than they are at the end of a traditional nursing curriculum. This is the missing piece that other nursing education consultants do not address. Dr. Caputi makes sure all faculty understand the purpose and goals of a concept-based curriculum, then transitions to the “nuts and bolts” of how to put together a concept-based curriculum.

Test Item Writing and Test Development Workshops

Test item writing and test development is often a difficult task for nursing faculty, but it is one of the most important faculty responsibilities. It is critical that nursing faculty know how to write well-developed, reliable, and valid exams. Nursing programs must not solely depend on third party vendors to evaluate their students’ learning. Too long faculty have heard they are not “testing experts” so should use testing companies to do this for them. Nursing faculty can and do become excellent test item writers. Dr. Caputi’s workshop can help get faculty learn to write good test items and also help faculty increase their self-confidence in doing so.

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