The Caputi Online Clinical Judgment Course

Coming June, 2022, all US schools that adopt Think Like a Nurse: The Caputi Method for Learning Clinical Judgment as a required textbook, may enroll their students in the Caputi Online Clinical Judgment Course that accompanies the text for the low cost of $80 per student. This online course can be used as:

  • A stand-alone asynchronous, online course
  • A supplement to what faculty teach in class about clinical judgment
  • The major source for learning the textbook content with the faculty working through application activities in the classroom based on what students learned from the online course

The Caputi Online Clinical Judgment Course provides a way to ensure consistent teaching of clinical judgment so all students are learning about this very important concept. The content is then applied throughout the entire nursing program to ensure students are self-directed thinkers at the end of the nursing program, are ready for the Next Gen NCLEX, and are ready to provide safe nursing care!

How the Caputi Online Clinical Judgment Course is Taught

Dr. Caputi teaches the entire course. The flow of the online learning is as follows:

  1. Students will be asked to “pause” the discussion and read certain sections of the book.
  2. After they read the book, students will listen to Dr. Caputi’s discussion that adds additional support information and examples to help students learn and understand what they read in the book. The discussion is not a repeat of what is in the book, but actual application of the content, how they will use the thinking, and how it all connects to the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) and to nursing practice.
  3. The student will experience two unfolding case studies throughout the course that demonstrate how the clinical judgment framework is used in practice. The unfolding case studies provide practice engaging in the cognitive processes tested on the Next Gen NCLEX.
  4. At the end of each chapter the student is presented with learning activities which are uploaded to the faculty’s file.

Faculty can review information about each student’s progress through the course, how long they spent on each chapter, and which learning activities they have completed.

Course Preview


Contact Dr. Caputi at or use the Contact tab above to request information about registering your students for the course.

Please contact me with any questions or comments about the Caputi Online Clinical Judgment Course for Think Like a Nurse: The Caputi Method for Learning Clinical Judgment.