“Principles” Book

Dr. Caputi’s Principles for Nurse Educators:

A Guide for Teaching Nursing

Dr. Caputi’s Principles for Nurse Educators: A Guide for Teaching Nursing is an easy-to-read collection of best practices for academic nurse educators. The principles in the book are based on decades of nursing education research, current literature, and 40 plus years of gathering nursing education wisdom. Dr. Caputi has taught, administered, and/or consulted in academic nursing education programs for over 40 years. She has consulted with over 500 nursing programs at every educational level offered in all types of educational institutions across 49 states, Washington, DC, and Canada. Over the span of these years, common themes emerged representing successful ways of doing as well as areas of concern voiced by hundreds of nursing faculty and administrators. This publication represents wisdom gleaned and lessons learned from these accumulated experiences.

This book is unique in that it is written like a devotional. Each principle is one or two pages in length, but the depth of the wisdom gained from each principle is invaluable to every nurse educator. I’ve never read another book like this one! It is like I spent a week with Dr. Caputi, and she shared everything I needed to know to be a great nurse educator. Nursing education can be hard and tiring at times, but after reading this book I am energized. It is a book that I will always keep near and read everyday.”

Professor Christie Cavallo
The University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis

Dr. Caputi’s Principles for Nurse Educators is organized into five major categories that reflect priority areas of interest for academic nurse educators and administrators. Each major category constitutes a chapter in the book.

Chapter 1
Who You Are as a Nurse Educator: 10 Principles
Chapter 2
The Workplace:
6 Principles
Chapter 3
Accepting Change:
6 Principles
Chapter 4
Teaching & Learning Practices: 40 Principles
Chapter 5
Testing and Evaluation:
11 Principles

Many of the principles discussed throughout the chapters shine a new, innovative light on common concerns present in nursing education for years. Perhaps a new approach is needed to solve some of the long-standing nursing education pain points. To that end, this book provides new approaches, new ideas, and new ways of thinking.

Some of what is written may surprise the reader and some of what is written may validate what the reader has already identified and addressed in their own practice. At the very least, Dr. Caputi’s Principles for Nurse Educators offers ideas to help academic nurse faculty and administrators reimagine, rethink, rebuild, and renew nursing education.

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