Teaching Tools

Thank you for your interest in these Teaching Tools

Below is a list of the tools currently available. Check back often as I periodically add new ones. There is Always Something New from Dr. Caputi!

The Exam Analysis Tool Developed by Faculty at Loma Linda University

Faculty use this tool as they work with a student reviewing the student’s performance on an examination. The tool helps faculty and students identify the student’s learning needs related to content and thinking as well as helping the student develop a plan for improved test taking. Go ahead and use this tool with your students. Let me know how it works!

Example Test Blueprint

This tool presents a test blueprint with example data to demonstrate how faculty might track items on an exam. Go ahead and include this test blueprint format in your Nursing Faculty Testing Policy!

Textbook Evaluation Tool

It is important that faculty select textbooks based on some predetermined qualifiers. This tool provides information about what to look for when evaluating textbooks. It also includes students in the textbook evaluation process. Go ahead and include this evaluation tool in your Nursing Program policies!

Worse, Better, or Not Related

This tool is an example of an activity published in Think Like a Nurse: The Caputi Method for Learning Clinical Judgment. This tool is very helpful for students to use in the clinical as they determine the effects of nursing care. The thinking requires use of the Clinical Judgment Competency “Compare and Contrast”, part of the Caputi Clinical Judgment Framework. The student is specifically evaluating the patient’s condition related to the diagnosed medical condition. There are other aspects of the patient’s care not related to the medical diagnosis the nurse must consider, but this tool is only focused on the medical diagnosis. Go ahead and give it a try with your students! Let me know how it works!