Workshop Topics

Faculty Development Workshops
Currently I am offering the following listed topics for faculty development workshops. However, if you have a topic of interest that is not listed, please contact me and we can discuss your needs.
The length of the workshops can vary from 1/2 day to 1, 2, or 3 days or more, depending on your needs.
Many of these topics can also be used as a conference keynote.
Many faculty ask what most popular workshops are. I would say numbers 1 through 7 are the most frequently requested. The remaining workshops are typically given a few times a year, but the most popular by far include anything on a concept-based curriculum, teaching students to think, anything on nursing program accreditation, transforming clinical education, and test item writing/test construction/item analysis.
My newest presentations, which are in high demand are:
1.  Test Item Writing and the Next Generation NCLEX
2.  Teaching Clinical Judgment for the Next Generation NCLEX and to Improve Patient Outcomes
3.  Implementing Clinical Judgment in the Clinical Experience
Other presentations include:

1.     Developing and Implementing a Concept-Based Curriculum
2.   Teach Student to Think Like a Nurse — The Caputi Model for Teaching Clinical Judgment.
3.   Transforming Clinical Instruction: Learn how to make clinical meaningful for students and faculty AND develop a valid and reliable clinical evaluation tool
4.   The Curriculum Revision Toolkit© A Toolkit for nursing programs to use to guide their curriculum revision process, available as either an onsite workshop or for purchase with telephone consultation.
5.    Getting Ready for Accreditation: From the Bigger Picture to the Nuts and Bolts
6.    Test Item Writing, Test Construction, and Item Analysis
7.    Review Course for Preparing to Take the Certified Nurse Educator Exam. This can be a one or two-day workshop.
8.    Strategies for Teaching Pharmacology Provides learning strategies that are meaningful and engaging.
9.     Aligning Nursing Education with Practice: How we can make it happen! This presentations provides an overview of the education/practice gap and offers practical ideas about how to close the gap.
10.    An Overview of Curriculum Development from the Mission Statement to Making it Happen in the Classroom
11.     An Evidence-Based Action Plan for NCLEX Success: Provides an evidence-based approach to develop a plan of action for increasing NCLEX pass rates.

12.     Seven Habits of Highly Effective Nurse Educators

13.     Using the Caputi Clinical Activities Portfolio (CAP)

14.     Humor in the Nursing Classroom? Don’t Make Me Laugh!

15.     Active Learning – Meaningful Learning: Getting them Thinking in the Flipped Classroom

16.     Teaching Nursing Using Concept Maps